Neck thru designs

It will be very very cool !!!! And laminated necks too !!!
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that idea has been here before, but it doesnt suit the 'warmoth'philosophy: guitar PARTS. replacement parts.

but when we're talking about neckthru: if all goes well, I'll be gettin' a les paul neckthru with a wenge/maple/rosewood/maple/wenge laminate neck, 3 pickups, tobaccoburst and blockinlay. that is customwork :headbang:
As Orpheo said, it has been chated before...
The answer that Gregg gave us is: perhaps someday, not now. Warmoth is in a busy time and it would need much work and planning... so... wait, like me  :)
Warmoth makes Fender headstock shapes under licence agreement, Just wondering if Is Warmoth headstock shape is reserved or could be freely copied?