Neck Screws For Angled Neck


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Well they shipped my custom neck and body and they're due to arrive Friday the 25th.  Now I'm getting a little anxious about the quality of quilt top I'll get.  :toothy11:

Anyway, I'm now wondering about the kind of neck screws I should be using.  I know the contoured joint requires 2 long / 2 short neck screws.  Mine is NOT contoured but IS an angled joint for a tune-o-matic bridge.  Should I use the 2 long / 2 short or 4 long set of neck screws?

Also, will the neck come with the neck plate?  I had assumed it did and didn't order a plate.  But now I'm thinking I may need one.  I don't know.
You need to buy a neck plate separately... the neck angle is only 2 degree I doubt you need a special neck screw because it's not that much.
Will any old neck plate work or do I need a Warmoth-specific plate?  Minimum order for Warmoth is around $20 or so.  I still need to get locking tuners from StewMac so maybe they have a neck plate I could add to that order.
Any "Fender" style neck plate should fit.
I've used the Stew Mac and the Allparts ones with no problems.