Neck Profiles - Width, depth or both?


Hello everyone,

I was never particularly interested in neck profiles, until about 4 years ago, when I played a PRS SE with a Wide Fat neck.

I genuinely found it revolutionary.

I had never felt so at ease with a fretboard.

Sadly, the guitar had to move on as I realised I did not like the sound of a 24 fret neck pickup - but ever since then I've found myself be oh so neck fussy.

This has been particularly the case with Fender necks. I have found in particular that the "fleshy part" of my palm just below the fingers is muting the top e string, and that I have to work to "get my hand further round" the neck to avoid the issue.

This is not, however, an issue I have with seemingly larger necks. I like to have a good grip of the neck in my hand and almost feel like I need a handful of neck to keep my hand out of the way.

To that end I'm looking to get a Warmoth neck, but I am trying to work out what is most important - width or depth?

My sense is that width is probably the more important - I can get on with PRS Pattern regular and Wide Thin necks, and dont have the muting problem - but do miss the extra girth.

Whereas, I tried a U shape tele neck that wasn't that wide, and didnt feel like it was right.

I guess I am answering my own question here, but would love to hear others experiences!

My preference is Gibson conversion, ss6105, 42 mm, 10-16 inch radius, then they got the wood choices,
The only way to know for sure is to try them. That said, get yourself a pair calipers from Home Depot and measure your neck width and depth, and then look at the warmoth website to see which is the most analogous.

For me, and my style of playing I like the superwide and the 1 3/4 width. On the superwide I'd go with either the standard thin, or the wolfgang. On the 1 and 3/4 I go with wolfgang.

Good Luck
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I guess I am answering my own question here, but would love to hear others experiences!

Indeed, in the end, only you can decide for you.

The examples that @Rick and @teleme01 gave are what works for them. For me, those necks I could play, but not out of choice. So, in the end, however many anecdotes of others there may be, it is in the end subjective.

That said, a good place to start for you based on the PRS you describe would be a 1 11/16" 59 roundback profile.

I choose the neck width so the string spacing is wide enough for my finger pads. If the neck is too wide, it reduces the muting of the strings so I think that can be a disadvantage. In my case I have average size finger pads, so I'm fine with 1.650" or 1.687" (41.9mm or 42.8mm) nut width.
Sounds like the OP has larger hands.

What stratamania said, look intobat least the 59 roundback in 1 11/16".
I have one of those, as well as a fatback and boatneck.

To me, the 59 was my favorite for close to 15 years, until I got the boatneck. I move around as well on it as I do the 59, but more comfortably and for longer. It makes playing so effortless and way more enjoyable for me.

I always say "Man, what a neck!" to myself when I put it down.

My daughter is starting to see the merits too. I think she wants a custom guitar now.
Consider also that to some degree fret size, action, relief, scale length, and the shape of the fretboard edges (round vs square) all impact the way a neck feels in the hand.
If you don't get along with the U shape that tells you the issue right there. You're looking for a deeper neck with a thinner edge. A typical C shape (like most PRS necks) provides that.

This isn't really a function of the neck width. You can have a back shape that follows that profile but is super narrow. It may end up feeling slightly deeper though, because the profile would necessarily be steeper along the edges to fit the same width.

It can be a bit fiddly to land on a profile you like. From what you're describing I'd agree with others that have said the 59 Roundback is going to be the closest thing that Warmoth offers. If you find that you like having a super fat rear the Boatneck may be a way to go, but it's a full 1" from stem to stern so is a bit weird.