Neck Pocket Depth



I'm still planning/saving for my build and just thinking out loud at this point, but I was wondering about neck pocket depth. The fender standard is, according to my W strat, 5/8". Yet, the thickness of the neck heel is 3/4", leaving an 1/8" gap between the body and bottom edge of the fretboard. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing this is for clearance for the pickguard (my W is rear routed/no pickguard). All that said, could W route the depth to 3/4", matching the thickness of the neck? Yes, the gap bothers the heck out of me - don't ask me why. Just personal preference.

The next obvious question is how deep the bridge recess is, say for a recessed FR? And, if need be, could that be routed 1/8" deeper to accommodate the lower neck pocket depth?

Mucho thanks in advance. I realize this may sound a bit far fetched or confusing, so let me know if I need to clarify w/ pics.
it sounds as if you are up against CNC programming. . . you'll want to talk this one over with W staff.
I'm sure they could dial it in . . . but, . . . will they? :icon_scratch:

and I think you are being anal  :icon_scratch:- 1/8"?
It would involve more than just routing the neck pocket 1/8" deeper. You would have to do the same for the bridge or have the neck pocket angled. If you didn't, you'd have the same issues as you would with a non-recessed FR bridge without the angled neck pocket. You would also need shorter neck screws to avoid puncturing the finger board. How about going the opposite way, laminating 1/8" on top of the body? There's a nice thread on that subject running here right now.
If you want to do this on a new rear routed build, ask for the 720 mod.  That will drop the neck deeper into the pocket.  It is a non-returnable option, BTW.
Wyliee, I'm almost 'fraid to ask, but are there more of those seldom discussed and not really over-exposed-on-the-website options that people would be standing in line for three rows deep, if they only knew it existed?
The 720 is relatively new.  We try to get everything up on the site.  Otherwise, as you've noted, no one will know to ask.

A completely new website with more options is on its way.  We're pushing for the end of the year.  In the meantime, it never hurts to ask!