Neck paralysis!!


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Oh - my - God.  I can't decide on a neck for my new guitar.  And seriously, I don't think I have ever this much trouble making a decision in my entire life.  Buying my house was not this hard!!


Anyway, thanks to several folks for a nice welcome to the forum about 6 weeks or so ago, when I bought this pao ferro strat body:


She's routed for HxH, and I'm planning to put Rio Grandes (probably tallboy and muygrande) in there.  Gold hardware.  Got some funky ideas for the wiring.

I've photoshopped dozens of necks onto that body, stewed and perseverated... and still no decision.  What I think I know is, a light neck wood -- maple or canary -- with a brownish fingerboard wood -- rosewood, ziricote, or pao ferro. 

I think rosewood is the "safe" choice, and I actually put this one in my cart, but haven't pulled the trigger:,13,14,15,16,17,49,50,63,47&fingerBoardWood_filter=20,21,22,23,64,67&backContour_filter=5

I think ziricote looks the coolest by itself, but not sure how it would be with this PF body.  And  I'm inclined against PF for the fretboard because I think it might make the whole piece too uniform, and a complimentary wood with some contrast would be better.

And that's not even considering the back contour... I figure that one out (with a different answer) every 20 minutes or so.  But I'm not sure that will really matter, because if I don't go with canary, I want a neck that's ready to ship - can't handle waiting another 6 weeks!

And what really kills me is, I KNOW I am completely overthinking this, and probably any of the necks I'm considering would look and play great!  [need one of those 'banging head' smilies]

So, is this a common syndrome or what?

Your pic isn't showing up. But, go for an unfinished neck of some sort. If you are looking for a neck with the same coloring as the one in your cart, maybe canary would be nice and doesn't need a finish.
from what you want i would get canary and bocote


even though its maple... the  figuring on the kingwood is bootiful... even though i'm an advocate for raw woods... that kingwood is too much to pass by in my humble opinion.
I'd stick one of the Strat all Pau Ferro necks in the Showcase on that, try to match the color/figuring of the lam top with the neck.
Thanks for the suggestions guys.  Maybe I ought to just put up a poll and let the forum pick...  :sign13:

I am starting to lean pretty strong toward canary.  And the Macassar Ebony does look cool.  Before I got the body, and before I photoshopped, I was thinking I wanted ebony.  But the black didn't look right, so I wrote that off.  The Macassar might just be the ticket.

I don't understand what's going on with the pic up there.  When I first posted it didn't show up, so I posted again and it appeared so I deleted the reply -- now the pic is gone again?    I must have done something wrong... if I copy the link out of the empty graphic holder and paste it in the browser, I get the pic.  Anyhow, lemme try again:

Ummm... the photo is now back in the original post.

Does this forum behave funny with images or is it just something weird happening for me?  The photo is just a pic on picasaweb...
If  you have your photo in your computers documents, you can attach them to a post using the  +Additional Options button when you write a reply.
I can see that pic ok.  If its a link to a pic you may want to try enclosing the link with
img in brackets after it
Now that I can finally see the pic, that is one bad-ass Strat, sir.
I think I'd have to agree with jack on this one, that neck would look killer with that body... :icon_thumright:
I HATE you..... I was going to buy that body, I went to the bank and everything!!!! AHHHHHHH
I think padouk would look nice with that body. Maybe with a ziricote or BR board. The padouk will darken a bit with age also. So, you would have a rusty brown neck with a dark brown board. And no finish required.
Welp... I did it!  Clicked "ORDER" and everything.  :eek:ccasion14:

Of course, I don't rule out that it could go back once I see the two of them together!

But I saw this one and thought, its got the right balance of contrasting and complimenting, and I did want to get a roundback.  Enough of the hemmin'hawwin' and mind-changin'!!  The winner is:  koa & ebony

This one is finished, as you can see, and after reading so much in here about unfinished necks, I really wanted to try one of those.  Well, guess I'll do that next one (yeah, I'm already thinking about it.  I fear I will succomb to this disease!)