mystery tele build

knowing when to quit is my Achiles heel, i stripped it back to start over but i cant quite get all the red blotches out. i tried clorox, think im gonna have to wait until its thoroughly dry and then continue sanding...or do a burst to cover my mistakes. how would you get the exes red dye off ?

WAit ... I see an imperfection! you have to sand it off again and start over!

Nah, just kidding, looks great! Time put on some hardware!
getting closer / ordered neck

CBS Stratocaster® Replacement Neck
Construction Gibson® Scale Conversion
Shaft Wood Wenge
Fretboard Wood Padouk
Unique Choice
No, Warmoth can choose for me.
Nut Width 1.650" (42mm) - Vintage Medium
Right / Left Handed Right-Handed
Neck Back Profile Standard Thin
Fretboard Radius 10" - 16" Compound
Number of Frets 22
Scallops None
Binding None
Fret Size & Material SS6105 - Narrow & Tall (Stainless)
Tuner Hole Size Vintage Style (11/32")
Inlay Shape Standard Dots
Inlay Material Black
Side Dots White Side Dots
String Nut Earvana Nut - Black Corian
Mounting Holes standard 4-Bolt
Neck Heel Shape strat® Shape


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I am approaching finality on this one, porter 9t pickups are in the mail. Now I need a harness/control plate. Lots of options, any advice,?