My Winter Project.


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Alright! My winter project is at last completed! This seems to be the best method for me to post pictures, so hopefully they work for you.

Questions and comments are welcome!  :party07:
Oh man...  effing BEAUTIFUL guitar dude.

After my V is finished, my next build is going to be a Musiclander.  They look sweet with the warmoth headstock.

Well done!  :hello2:
Oh, that is great! I've always liked a musiclander. Please post a full pic gallery in the completed guitars: miscellaneous section. Love the musiclanders and yours is really nice.
Dude! Your collection is awesome.

Do you have any more pictures of that orange strat in the corner?
Looks sweet!

I see Bill Lawrence listed as a friend and Dr. Steven Hawkings as an interest.....You're all right  :icon_thumright: