My Warmoth les Pauls


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Allright! here are my guitars.









the quilt-les paul specs:
Malagassy rosewood neck, rio RW fingerboard, custom inlay, boat profile
hollow mahogany back, quilt maple top
hipshot bridge, sperzel tuners, graphtech nut.

Custom-pickups. telecaster-singlecoil+hotrails in bridge (19.5k Ohms, series  :party07: ) strat-singlecoil+hotrail in neck (18.5k Ohms!) and fake in the middle.

The flametop les paul:
AAA(AA?) flamed maple top
black korina back
custom finish (purplemist/transgrey with purple, bursted to very dark purple)
Rio Rosewood neck, braz. rosewood fingerboard (according to my local luthier) with custom celtic cross inlay, boat-profile
miracle  man bareknuckle set in bridge and neck, fake in the middle
hipshot tremolo, sperzel tuners

My favorite is the flametop (eventhough it has tuning-problems. I think its just the nut that gives my problems, not the tuners or the bridge). it sounds just MASSIVE! the quilt is more agressive, like an 80ies custom, but when its all singlecoil, you can get a real strat-sound, or nowadays a stratsound with more twang.

I like that you did something different and not just another Les Paul. I think that's what a custom guitar should be. The quilt looks like 3D :hello2:
Can you tell more about the custom inlays?
haha, the custominlay, is, as you can see, 'naked girls'. a friend of mine, who painted both the guitars, did the inlayjob. on the headstock you see a naked girl aswell. thats made of at least 70 little pieces of abalone, paua, white MoP, pink MoP, blue MoP and green MoP. the girls themselves are also white MoP, but the girl on the twelfth fret is abalone.

the quilt is IRL very much 'alive'.

@ m4rko: too bad you couldn't attend the gitaarnet-meeting ;) you'd be blown away by the sheer power and sound of the guitars.
Man that quilt one is sexy...  literally.  I like the abalone "binding" too, it's interesting.

And I've always loved the celdic cross inlays, very cool!
That is way over the top for me, I really prefer my Richwood or 'London City'!!  :tard: :sad1:
oh hold on, that is the feedback you would expect on a different forum!

*sarcasm mode off* I think your LP's are fantastic Orpheo! ;)
The girl inlays are off the chain!  Dude needs to start working for Warmoth or license that design pattern to them!
too bad he lives in the netherlands :D

Wait, i'll give you some other pics of a guitar he worked on. If you think the PRS birds are cool, this is even cooler :p









The upper one was mine too, but I dont have it anymore. He gave me this one instead:


GearBoxTy said:
That last guitar (Trans Blue, Curly Maple Strat) is awesome!!!

thanks dude! :) its full maple by the way, not a top or veneer. and the shocker is: it cost me only 200 dollars  :headbang: It's good to have friends who are friends with the bigger dutch luthiers  :cool01: the guy said, oh well, its lying in my workshop, for 200 bucks you can take it away. and so i did :D
"thanks dude!  its full maple by the way, not a top or veneer."

that thing must weigh 400 181 kilo's..... :tard:

I once owned an all-maple Gibson Ripper bass......not a gig freindly instrument.

haha no, its a bit less than a les paul. something like 4 kilo's (8 or 9 pounds?). it sounds like a les paul with a bit more high though....a bit like the 'the paul' from the 70ies.
just out of curiousity, why did you only put in the diagonals of each pickups ring? as in you only put half the screws in.. may i ask why?

awesome axes btw, i did the fake pickups too, just to add some more bling!
Well, the reason is very simple. I'm a lazy arse, and I tend to do the least amount of work => just 2 screws. but on most guitars it is 4 though. On the purple (which you dont see in its current state) I have 4 screws. The pickuprings have to allined perfectly in this case, because the pickupcavity is a bit bigger than normal. I have a stratsinglecoil+hotrail in the neck position and a tele-singlecoil+hotrail in the bridge (zebra-configuration), and the cavity had to be routed a bit bigger. The ring now covers the hole perfectly and you wont notice it has been routed, but to aline it, I had to use 4 screws, that simple :) I can say though: now i have REAL singlecoil sounds, and a blistering, thundering (ace frehley/superdistortion+jb like) humbucker-sound with screaming pinch harmonics (I'm a pinch-harmonic addict  :party07: )