My Warmoth guitar made me crazy, ROTFL.


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Just finished my project and, while i was shooting pics, i noticed i lost a letter of Warmoth headstock logo and this is the result!  :toothy11:

Yep  :headbang:
I found it here
I tought that turtle was right for a Warmoth project, plus they can do on rosewood or ebony, so i had to buy it  :icon_tongue:
...and they also do truss rod cover with MOP or abalone material.
I just ordered PRS triangular shape but they also make other shapes and other inlay figures, there're a lot of option.  :icon_thumright: 
hi that's a sweet looking cover. gonna place my order too!

just as an aside as well, anyone knows of any other pickup ring manufacturer who makes wooden pickup rings apart from trying to find one that does for carved top guitars... thanks!
"Warmoth, Mad In USA"  Hmmmm, I think we have the new company slogan!  :laughing3:
Chris of Arabia said:
Hmmm... teasing us with just a headstock eh? When do we get to see the rest?  :toothy11:

Posted pics here:
Love it. Nothing beats a funny typo.

Great guitar! Quite the looker.
OMG this is a lethal virus!!!

Just to give an update, i restored the lost "E", it was too freak to leave "MAD in usa"  :dontknow:
I removed the whole "Made in USA" ... just "Warmoth" left on my headstock.
dbw said:
I removed the whole "Made in USA" ... just "Warmoth" left on my headstock.

That's what I did on one of my guitars.  I had applied the logo on the neck and was doing another coat of Tru Oil on the neck.  I looked down at the neck and noticed the whole 'Made in USA' was sprinkled up and down the back of the neck.  Uuughh!