My Valve Junior


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Just while we are discussing the Blackheart, I have the Epiphone Valve Junior Head and Cab and I really like it.  I LIKE the fact that it only has one knob - I spend more time playing and no time dicking around with the controls.  It helped me realize how to use the guitar's volume control for tone as well as loudness!
i think i agree with you about the whole one vloume knob thing. i am still kinda debating whether to get the VJ or the blackheart because i alreday have an amp with loads of knobs--triple recto--and wanted something on the somplete other end of the spectrum. since the same gut designed both the VJ and the blackheart, i am sure they are both basically the same amp, only one has EQ and the troide/pentode switch. i just can't decide!
I have a Vox AD50 which I keep at my drummer's for practice (great practice / small gig amp, btw) and there are TOO MANY FREAKING KNOBS!  Lol!  Seriously, I just decided to put everything in the middle and only use the volume knob, and no one can really notice a difference. 
My best friend has one of these monsters...

I have to consult the 70 page manual just to turn the damn thing on!
Something to be said for tweed Champs <---How I built three of em in a little bit of time.
CB, have you or do you plan to build any Marshall/Mesa style amps, or are you a Fender-only guy?
I am a =CB= only guy.    I already did the "original" MESA thing, before I knew what it was~  Vic has it now - the infamous HotRod Champ, whereupon, I upped the lowly 8" 6watt Champ to 10" 18watt.  Vic says it screams.  I concur.

I just do what interests me... that may vary a bit, but anything with excessive numbers of controls, fancy stuff is pretty much out, not for complexity, but for purity of vision, tasteful presentation, and always... extreme elegance in execution.  I doubt I'd ever build more than one more amp thats a 50watter - there's one in the works at this time.  After that, all lower wattage, exceedingly simple, and defined by 50 year old state of the art.
...and if someone were to describe a simple, low-wattage amp head to you, would you be willing to design and build it for that person?  Especially if that person made this face :sad: ?
Hmm those are mighty large dollar signs.  It would probably be cheaper for that person to get a nice brand-name amp.  ;)  Custom is nice but that person probably has to pay his rent...
Ya want a good amp?  Go get a blackface Bassman.  Send THAT to me.  Those can be light on fire, and be clean too.
Hmmm...I've got a blackface Bassman...Too bad that I have surprisingly little $$
There are three types of BF Bassman, each can be made to use the unused triode as an extra gain stage and woootdewoot I love 'em.

Do that with some KT66 tubes and you're in de'bluz land fo'sho
I don't know which type mine would be, but I do know that it is older than I am.  According to the lable inside the head's cabinet, it was manufactured in 1966.  My Warmoth Tele that is in the works is the one project in line ahead of that amp.  Thanks to some advice that I got from you a long time ago on this very board I have found a new cabinet for the head ( it is pretty bad off) and while I have it apart for that, I am going to take it to "my guy" who incidentally happens to be an afficianodo all things Fender, be it straight restoration, or mod to order.  Funny thing about that head, I obtained it from a guy who desperately needed some cash, I believe the grand total that I paid him for it was 90 bucks.