My ultimate Warmoth Strat (with Video)


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Hey everyone,
I just finished my first Warmoth project and look at these pics!!!


One hell of a neck:


I also made a really nice video of the whole building process:


Hey Georg.

Your guitar looks fantastic, and your video was great.

Tell us about the parts.  What are the woods, what are the pickups, and what do the switches do?

Oh, and welcome to the forum......... :icon_thumright:
^^oh, of course, my bad, the specs are in the infos of the youtube clip, but since the youtube videos are embedded on this forum...

Here's the list:
Warmoth body, swamp ash, chambered, flame maple top, natural masked binding

Warmoth neck, Warmoth Pro construction, boat neck, maple, Pau Ferro fretboard

SS6100 frets
Earvana compensated nut
Warmoth pickguard in white pearl
Bridge PU: Dimarzio Virtual Solo DP420
Middle & Neck PUs: Dimarzio Area 67 DP419
Bridge: Gotoh EV510T-TE (this is the improved version of the trem that Suhr guitars are using)
Tuners: Gotoh SG381 Locking Tuners
Saddles: Graph Tech String Saver Saddles

What else was used: All kinds of electronics, pickup switch, knobs, jack, jack plate, roller string tree, strap locks, screws, Joe Satriani Strap...

To the switches:

Push Pull Tone Pot: Activates Bridge and Neck, ala Telecaster middle position
The black button is a killswitch to make stuttering sounds
the switch beside the black button bypasses all the controls and switches to bridge with full tone and volume (this is supposed to be useful when you're playing with a single channel amp: You dial in your gain to have an overdriven sound with the bridge pickup, then go to e.g. the neck pickup and turn down the volume to get a clean sound -> now you can switch between clean and distorted with that switch)
thanks a lot guys
I really read a lot of posts before I decided which parts I'm gonna get, this forum was very helpful
Nice video.  I groaned when I saw 8 minutes, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it flowed. 

Fantastic guitar!  :guitaristgif:
Blue313 said:
Nice video.  I groaned when I saw 8 minutes, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it flowed. 

Fantastic guitar!   :guitaristgif:

me too! i didn't really have anything to do, so i figured eh 8 minutes why not, but GREAT video man! very cool.  :icon_biggrin:
thanks again,
yes, I know, 8 minutes is long for a youtube clip. Actually, it was quite an effort to edit it down to "only" 8 minutes  :icon_biggrin:
Very mice looking guitar, and it sounds great.

Excellent video was the backing trax your work too? Nice editing with the speeding up of the assembly work, ha ha, I noticed you appeared very quick to get those strings on.  :icon_thumright:
^^yes, the background music are some demos I did in the past

that electronic song started as a joke, I wanted to show some friends of mine how easy it is to make electronic music...