My Third and Favorite


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Let's see if I can figure out how to get a pic on here. Anyway, this is my third Warmoth, and maybe my last, because I don't think I can ever get better than this one.

Black Korina VIP, tobacco burst with natural binding. The finish is flawless. Tone Pros Wrap-around bridge. Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set pickups. The knobs are volume, tone and tone with coil tapping on the tones.

The neck is Paduak, with a beautiful ziricote board. The inlay work was done by Cliff at Shark Inlay - He also has a post int the "Find a Guitar Tech" section on this board. He does fantastic work.

The guitar plays wonderfully. It is very articulate and the tone is better than I could have wished it to be. Maybe it is just me, but I think she is kinda purty too.

That's a really nice burst there.. and a great ziricote board. with it. I like the strat-style control positions (and custom inlays are always awesome). What do the controls do? Volume tone tone?
That isn't my name, but my nickname she gave me is on the headstock. Here is a better pic of that.


And here is a better pic of the ziricote figuring.

The gold is a synthetic pearloid. I will find out for sure and post it, or maybe Cliff is lurking and can post what it was.
The reddish ribbon is paduak.
The 2007 is ziricote.

I know, I was a bit apprehensive about putting a girl's name on my guitar, until some one told me it is better than putting a guy's name on it.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.
at first glance i thought it was alright.......................then the closeup of the fingerboard!!!!!!!!!  simply amazing :guitarplayer2:
"Any problem with put a guy name in each fret? uiiiiiiiiii"  :laughing3:

Yes but this friend forgot to say: remember your ex-girlfried.... If you haven't had yet a ex that tryed with all forces to burn you, you shouldn't udnerstand... If you had, you'll understand...
I'd just like to point out that it's interesting having your girl's name and butt face on the same guitar. Just sayin.
Every new woman comes a new neck.. sure does give you a good reason to shop at warmoth.  :icon_tongue:
or give up on women all together and start dating your guitar.  Would make an interesting sex life.
...maybe my last, because I don't think I can ever get better than this one.
That's what I thought about Kimberly in the 7th grade too, then she broke my heart.... oh well, you can always get another neck if you have to & wood burns so well.... :icon_jokercolor:
This is a funny thread. Interesting how a thread takes on a life of it's own.

Yeah, that Acrillic Gold MOP on Paduk and the "2007" is the same wood as the neck.

You got to admit though, "Tasha" is a pretty sexy name.