My Strat project


I received my Warmoth Strat body last week and finished the assembly last night.  I still have to set the guitar up, but so far I couldn't be happier!  Here are the specs.
Mahagony body w/ maple laminate top
Ice Blue Metallic top, natural back
Mahagony neck with Brazilian Rosewood fretboard
Callaham tremolo
Sperzel graduated tuners
Lollar Blackface pickups (may go with WCR SR pickups)

I wanted to build a Strat that had more depth and bottom end, I think the mahogany will give me that.  The body was finished perfectly, a knife edge transition between the Ice Blue and natural mahogany.  I had the neck from a previous trade, the neck and back of the body matched perfectly!  I have Cliff at Shark Inlay doing a custom trem cover for the back.



I saw that on the Gear Page, really unique look that I'm really digging.

I'm looking at doing a Gecko 5 Bass in the near future. I was trying to decide on what to do with the body, and clear over mahogany was one of my choices, but I haven't been able to come up with a decent example until this. I think it looks great!
Yo Brad if you check ebay for the new mahogany Charvel guitars I think you'll find some cool examples.
Nice work all the way around! Congrats!

Really dig the color/finish and headstock too!
CD said:
Yo Brad if you check ebay for the new mahogany Charvel guitars I think you'll find some cool examples.
not to hijack, but thanks for the tip. If I could be lucky enough to get a look like one of these, I would most definitely be hapy
You can; just order the parts from Warmoth; the links you posted look like they're all darker mahoghany. Order a body like this one, with this flavor of mahoghany, but rear-routed:

The Charvels you linked to pretty much look like this one, with a Tru-oil or Tung oil finish, except that the Warmoth is a one piece mahoghany body and you don't have the laminate line and wood color difference as seen in a couple of those links....
Some amazing warmoth mahogany

They're not all clear gloss, but wow, the graining on those bodies is absolutely out of this world.
nathan a said:

If I could handle six strings so close together with such a short and stubby neck, I would most definitely have to snag that body!
I love the ice blue metalic. One of my favorite colors. I just orderd my first warmoth strat biuld in that same color. They told me it would be here by christmas. Damn thats a long time. Does it always take that long to get bodys and necks?