My reverse KWS


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Here's my guitar i built close to a year ago its an american fender body alder, with a cheap gotoh 6 screw vintage trem with upgraded graph tech string saver saddles. A warmoth standard thin maple neck with ebony fretboard. The maple part was tung oiled about 4 or 5 times and buffed between each coat with steel wool. The frets are 6100, the nut width is 1-5/8" and it has the compound radius. It has only a volume knob and the pickup is a custom wound Stan Hinesley Rogue pickup *DC resistance = 15.2k ohm, Alnico 8. I'm doing a tour in canada with this guitar in July. It's tuned B E A D Fsharp and B. strung up with 13-56 d addarios.



i used to have a metal live wire duncan in that but hated the tone, sounded like a pushed in wah pedal. I don't think i like active pickups in guitars. Awesome in basses though. This warmoth neck is the best of the best. I can't put this guitar down. Some time i'd like to build an all warmoth with the wizard contour, go even more shed style with a strat head stock on a soloist body with 24 frets all maple neck and not sure on the body wood yet. charvel style yeah!!! :headbang:
I really dig the KWS headstock, especially reversed like that. :headbang: 

If you want to check out my warmoth KWS in action check my myspace page. It's technical deathmetal I'm playing which might not be everyone's cup of tea. So if you have nothing nice to say. Say nothing at all. But this video shows the ease of playablity of the warmoth neck for sure. Nicest playing neck I ever laid my hands on.
I am also a fan of the KWS,      Your axe looks fine, time for some EVH paint

I am not a fan of reversed any headstock though, I mean , they look fine on other peoples guitars, just not on mine.
Check out this guitar in action

Uh, Very interesting Video, is that you?  It sure doesn't look like your having any fun playen that, music?

The tone sounds pretty punishing. Whats your rig?

The pickup looks different in that latter video too. If you ever get the chance to play a guitar with a Bare Knuckle Ceramic Warpig give that a go, its so huge and tight ideal for your style. 
Thats me, I have tons of fun playing that music. I just have high standards so to me while I playing it, it sounds like I'm not playing good enough or precise enough. Both videos have the same pickup, It's a seymour duncan live wire metal pickup. I'm playing threw a m-80 fender combo 1x12 speaker with the gain on 7 nothing else just strait in. Yes the fender m-80 is very brutal. Also while I was playing that stuff I was in deep concentration to keep it clean because with a 1-5/8" inch nut and a pickup the sensitive I had to be very careful not to touch the other strings or I would have gotten lots of unwanted string noise.
Oh I didn't write those tunes, My band is inherit disease. I'm touring europe in aug ha ha. Here is a tune that I wrote mainly. It will be on the next CD.

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i can trem pick 1/16th notes at 250bpm without a pick. try that!

but anyway nice playing and loosen up a little. man i thought i was uptight. i dunno move, bang your head, do something.