My neck still there?


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Hey anybody know why the neck I ordered on Friday morning (TN1400) is still up in the showcase today?  Is itnormal for them to take a few days to update the showcase?
Maybe they were swamped with emails and didn't get your order processed before the weekend. :icon_scratch:
I ordered over the phone; the body is a custom build. Well, if it's still up there tomorrow I'll give them a call. Thanks guys.
heeeey, I bought that same neck and already got my Quantum view email!!

Not to worry, I am just kidding!  :toothy12:
Quantam view is only the second greatest thing ever invented.  It is the UPS get a code or a link in your e-mail and then, well then you can track your package like nobody's business.  You can see when it arrives at each UPS location, and then when they put it on the next truck and so on until that glorious day when they tell you it has been placed on that final truck,  the one that is coming to your house.  It has to be considered the single greatest thing UPS has ever done for us freaks who have to know when it is going to get here, whether it be that fantastic neck you just ordered from Warmoth or some rare Mersey Beat record that you can't believe you scored off that sucker on E-bay!  The only thing you can't track is that one prcise moment that some disgruntled UPS guy kicks your s$%t and ruins your dream.
guitlouie said:
Quantam view is only the second greatest thing ever invented.  It is the UPS tracking...

And, for some strange reason, my packages always spend the weekend in Utah.

I hate UPS Ground, My parts are sitting in NJ right now. I'm in NY and I have to wait for the Scheduled Delivery: 12-September-2007
jackthehack said:
And UPS ground gets to KC quicker from Miami than from Washington, go figure....

Looking at a map, it seems like Washington should be quicker to KC than Miami. It's uphill all the way from Miami!  :eek:ccasion14: