My korina/wenge/ebony S




I call her Wideload. Pickups are the cheap kind from gfs. Something better will take their place as finances allow, but in the meantime, they sound ok.
Nice one!!! Love that combination of colors!!!
When you be able, put a pic of the entire baby! :cool01:
Its so unbelievably gorgeous. Seriously mate, rob a local store or something to get the cash because its breaking so many laws having cheap PUs on there as it is!!!!!

Rio grande it up!
I believe the korina/black guard strat look is just brilliant. An instant classic..well done mate! :headbang1:
TroubledTreble said:
What are the specs on the neck?

Big ol' piece of lumber. S head, 1.75" at nut, boatneck, med jumbo frets, no fingerboard dots.

Pickup selection via 4-way switch controlling neck and bridge. Middle is wired out of phase and is controlled by a separate volume control. There's a master tone control that remains unused.
Amen to seeing the back. I'm considering Wenge for a neck and wanna see how yours looks  :toothy10:
Nice guitar  :icon_thumright:
more pics. I took a bunch, but they sucked. These were ok, though.



I luv the wenge. People are always surprised when they get a close look at this guitar.

Also, are you digging all the boxes? I'm packing like mad.
NICE.  I really like the look of those GFS pickups (especially the bladed single coils)...when you replace them you should get some better ones that still have those blades.  The whole look of the hardware contrasted to the body is awesome.  Congrats man!  :eek:ccasion14:
Love that body!
Love the neck.
Just kidding. Looks GREAT!
I'm considering the same woods. Truely an inspiration!
Damn it! I'm completely GASed for a Black Korina with dark neck...
I would buy a body from warmoth and put the neck of the guitar that I built, but looks like the neck measures are not very "equal"... I'm a little affraid do buy it and have do build another neck...... (hummmm would be nice, too