My First Warmoth Build!

Chris G

Hey guys I received my first Warmoth build last week and just got it all assembled.  I enjoyed this little project and thought I'd share a video of me playing it.
I like your guitar!  But I think you should shave.  :guitarplayer2:
Thanks guys, glad yas like the build.  Already thinking of building another, possibly a strat this time around.
Man, never been one for the explorer, but the tone is dead on for metal. I've been tossing around the idea for a korina les paul, all metaled up. What body wood is that? Mahogony? Pickups?
Great build and great Metallica rhythm.  What pups do you have in there?  What are you playing through?
Nice Axe, Man!  Saw the vid, sounds great!  Don't let these guys give you a hard time about your goat.