My Fat Strat - Flame Maple


I just discovered this forum and I thought I would post a couple pictures of my Strat project of a few years ago, made of mostly Warmoth parts.



I ordered a the flame maple strat body with black dye, but it turned out more brown.  I was hoping for more of a gray/black look.  I guess that's hard to achieve when you factor in the color of the wood.

The EMG pups sound GREAT, but I don't like the need to replace a battery on a regular basis (also, the battery box produces a very annoying and loud crackling noise when it's bumped or touched to hard, very bad when you're on stage).  My next project will be made with passive pups of some sort.

I'm thinking of a fender esquire type build next with a Rio Grande twangbucker bridge.  Has anyone used this pickup?
Awesome guitar, man!  And, welcome to the Forum!  Is that an Fender American Standard Strat neck?

I want to build an Esquire, too.  Mine will be Spectra Blue and wired like the original.  I'm going to use a Seymour Duncan Vintage '54 Lead for Tele (STL1) in mine.  However, the Candy Purple Tele Custom (double white bound) I want to use I'm planning on using a Rio Grande Muy Grande set.  I like the look and the sound examples on Rio Grande's web site.

I know, not helpful at all!  I just like to post!!!
the axe looks good, can you stuff a piece O foam something into the bat compartment to hold things tight?

I have a guitar with EMGs, they sound great for a narrow spectrum of sound or style. I use that guitar only for certain style of sound, mainly David Gilmour, ( DG pups) I am considering changing that guitar to a more broad use passive pickup set, because the guitar plays so well, it's a shame to not play it as often as i'd like.
GearBoxTy, Yes, that's an 80's american standard.  There's more fret wear than I would like to see, but it's tolerable.

Alfang, I never thought of putting a piece of foam inside the battery cavity to make things fit more snug.  Thanks for the idea.  I might just need to replace the battery box anyway, it's seems kinda cheap.
that thing is sexy as hell.....and the finish on that maple :eek: :eek: :eek:  now imma have to spend more money....tuition? phone?  which one should i kill for funding?