my carved top soloist

Hey, it kinda looks great but hard to tell cuz it's the size of a postage stamp. Big pics plz!
Somebody help!  I can't seem to get any bigger pics on here.  I've got some better ones at
you should upload them with photobucket, and choose the largest size/no compression. that would give you a bigger pic.

but as far as I can see: sweeeeet baby!!!!!!
Your myspace doesn't work. But from that fingernail size pic:  :rock-on: But bigger picks would be schweet.
Heres the address for my myspace.  good pics there.
Absolutely fantastic!
the only thing that is bothering me a little bit, are the humongous knobs... at least they look huge on the pics.
other than that I love it!
the knobs are actually smaller than your usual "dome" knobs.  They start out the same size at the body and taper off at the top of the knob.  They look great in person, at least i think so.  As far as the play/feel question..great.  i am totally impressed with Warmoths quality and craftsmanship and am going to be putting all my production guitars on ebay to build a couple more Warmoths.  now my production models are just taking up space!!  the Bartolini pickups are nice, but i probably wouldn't buy them again.  the highs are really chopped off, but thats ok for me because i have a lot of headroom on my treble knob.  Pinch harmonics are a little tough to get on them and thats my biggest complaint.  i've never had an original floyd before and i don't think i'll ever use anything else again!  thanks for all the comments!