My Camera SUCKS!! But Opinions Anyhow?


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Opinions??  :icon_biggrin:

I know,, my camera sux  :dontknow:
Doesn't suck as much as my cameraphone,,,, you do that finish or is it Warmoth factory, nice axe!
super nice neck .you did real nice on tha build. i have seen  a couple bodys like that in the showcase and wasnt sure what they really looked like  they  look great thanks  for the picks  bet it sounds just as good
This is a killer guitar!! Nice top, nice color, VERY nice birdseye... you're lucky! (and I'm envy  :icon_tongue:)
WOW! Axe,  That thing is awesome, I hope your keeping that badboy...........Nice!!!!!!!!!!  gorgeous neck and body..... :glasses9:
I like the colors, the more  I look at it.

I think it really has a "Lynch tiger" look to it.

Nice!  :headbang:
That looks killer. I love the burst on the body, not to mention that neck figuring. :headbang:
Nice Couch, suddenly i need a nap

just kidding I love it looks awesome, I love the color, and I love the simple volume and pickup selector.  Now go make another one only red

Albeit NOT a Warmoth, I've already got Red covered :laughing7:

Thanks everyone :headbang: Hats off to Warmoth on the Caribbean Burst body. I'm usually not a fan of Quilts but this is stunning.. I'm not sure the pics really do it justice..
Wow. The way the neck figuring matches in shape and color the body's figure is absolutely stellar.

It almost looks like the whole guitar was carved out of a single piece of wood, with the burst as an afterthought. Great build
Thanks,, :headbang: It's been a good Warmoth week for me between the new pickguard I installed on my White Short scale Strat, and the completion on this project :hello2:

I really needed something to feel good about :toothy11:
OOPS :toothy11:

forgot Specs..

Caribbean Burst Ash/Maple top body

Maple Standard thin neck/ Birdseye Maple fretboard w/6100s

Sperzel tuners,, I'm just a huge fan of Sperzels

Tone Zone & Air Norton,,love that combo

1 vol,,3 way LP style switch.. Kust the bare bones :hello2:
wow... i was just on the kramerforum, and saw this awesome new warmoth... just beautiful, then i come over here to look at the gallery.. and the first thing i see.

the same damn guitar.  axe... that is a sweet, sweet guitar.
I've pimped this one in a few places :laughing7: If this one doesn't drum up a lil bidness for Warmoth I'm not sure what will :party07:
WHAT? Kramer has a forum too? what do they talk about there? that's gotta be a boring place.