My Bass Body Arived!


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Wow! That kinda looks like the same flamed spalted maple on my Strat build, but they did the bookmatching on the laminate in the other direction; see you're going canary/ebony on your neck too.
NonsenseTele -  I agree that it does look a bit strange with the single coil p, but I love the sound of them, so I will be okay with a bit of a different look.

jackthehack - That is a really nice guitar! I usually don't like spalts, and was going to go somewhere completely different with my bass, until I saw this in the showcase and had to have it. I really, really like yours as well.
This is going to be one fantastic looking Bass.  I hope you keep us posted with your progress!
NonsenseTele - okay, I shouldn't say I don't like them, because I'm not against them...a good looking spalt is awesome. I have just seen so many bad looking ones that I have been turned off.
With that said, all of the Warmoth spalts I have seen look fantastic