My baby's gonna need a cradle



I absolutely love the vintage style Fender tweed covered cases, with that oh so sexy plush interior, but my trust in Fender products is a little shaky these days.  I have looked at g&g cases.  What do you fellas lay those beautiful works of Warmoth art down to sleep in at night, or early morning, or the next day, whenever you are through playing them for a very little while?
Fender cases are fine.  Keep in mind your local GC usually blows out Fender cases after the New Years Holiday, they get rid of leftover stock cheap - remember they sell the case seperately like the cretins they are.  But their policy means lots of guys go for cheap cases or bags, and they end up with lots of Fender cases leftover.  When that happens - you'll see 'em stacked to the ceiling at $99 or $119 for tweeds, blonde, black, etc etc.

Vic just got a molded hardshell (heavy ABS) Fender case $80 shipped (to me, so I can carry his guitar to him).  I've had those, and they're good cases.

The cheapy Musicians Friend cases... not bad... not great , but not bad.

Then again, there are cases that run well over $1000 too.  Its your choice.

One thing I'm gonna do -

I thought of an ATA case for a while.  But I dont like the insides of the cases - just foamy stuff, no real structure.  And $$$ expensive!  Here's my plan - I can get an ATA keyboard case that fits an entire guitar (or bass) case inside it.  Ship a case in a case, can get extras in there, and flight rules say that whatsever in the case is the protected item.  That is, they can scuff up the outer case all they want, but your stuff inside remains nice, or they pay.  Keyboard cases - nice ones - under $200 on that great auction site.
Hey  CB, check these guys out they do some case inside a case things like that. They aren't what I'm looking for right now, but I stumbled across it looking for cases.