my 4 red amps


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just finished making myself a noisy cricket amp.  Its a bit like a smokey but no built in speaker and it actually has controls - but basically its a 9v battery running a proper speaker cab - and sounds pretty damn good

so here it is with the rest - everything is red to match the matamp


So from top down we have:

1. Limited Edition Vince Ray Smokey amp - looking a bit tired now so the noisy cricket will replace it
2. Matamp Little Rock.  they only made these for a short while. They intended it to be a production model with none of the custom features they offer on all their other amps to keep  costs down.  mine is the only one that isnt black with a black faceplate - it took some arm twisting to get them to make it red
3. The new noisyy cricket - more info here
4.  The cab was brought empty and rather tatty -it now holds a 12" tayden 'true-brit' speaker that gets used with all the amps and there is also a champ kit i made some years ago hidden around the back


Nick Ellingworth

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Nice, would the Noisy Cricket happen to use an LM386 as it's power amp? I used one of those for my own project recently, it's a damn good little chip (even if my design was let down by a poor choice of preamp, I'll fix that after my exams are out of the way).

EDIT: just read the link about it, I see my guess was spot on. ;)