Music Stores in Puyallup?


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Hey Gregg.

Does a fella have to go all the way to Tacoma to GC or Ted Brown's Music to find any decent gear, or is there anything in town?

All I've found is JC's downtown, & most of what they have is Danelecto pedals, strings & a bunch of Ventures guitars and basses.

They have Ernie Ball strings, but no 7string sets.

Any suggestions?
BassNW is in downtown Seattle 'near' Safeco Field. Since it's only about 20 min north of Tacoma, it'd be the place I would be hightailing it to.

Of course I assume you're talking about a 7-string bass

all the best,

That's about it.  Other area stores are Affordable Guitars in Sumner, Guitar Maniacs and Musicians Exchange in Tacoma.  For a larger selection, you'll need to go to Seattle.  Emerald City Guitars is a personal favorite for vintage and boutique stuff.

Cool, thanks.

Got another couple of days before I start my new job, so gotta find all the resources while I can.  Priorities ya know :party07: