mis-match ?

I can't think of any technical reason you couldn't do that, maybe just a combo that no one has asked for yet.
I'd give Warmoth a call an email about it
there is such combo in the showcase only section, dont remember if its tele or strat
A maple fingerboard on a non maple shaft is very non typical. Maple is consistent as a fingerboard on a maple shaft as maple as a shaft is very reliable. Maple on Rosewood in the past doesn’t turn out to be very stable. It has more to do with the stability of the shaft than anything else. I would love to see a maple shaft with a roasted maple board as a standard option, but I would imagine it would take a run of them to see how they all do over time, and then launch them to the showcase to see how they sell. Even if they turn out to be stable, they have to sell in order to warrant incorporating this into the custom options.