Metal Flat Humbucker Mounting Rings on VIP carved top bodies


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Hi people
One question. Does anybody know whether the metal flat humbucker mounting rings will fit directly on a VIP carved top body or whether I need to buy the plastic rings for the metal ones to be mounted on top of them?
Thanks in advance
I think the straight plastic ones work better than the curved ones as there isn't that much "curve" on the neck PU and the bridge is practically flat. You can use the flat metal ones as well, in both cases they will bend slightly when you screw them down to the body with the mounting screws; DON"T try to bend them, let the mounting screws make the ring(s) flush.
I used these metal rings without the plastic ones on my last LP build which has a very rounded surface. I did bend them by hand using great care and did manage to get them dead on. The screws pulling the ring to the wood, would not bend the rings on such a curved surface so I went slow and kept checking the fit as I methodically bent them against a corner of the cabinet. They came out great but I can see just one false move and I would have trashed the ring.

A VIP is much flatter on top than an LP so less bending would be required. The flat plastic rings work better for that body style than the curved. Keep in mind you can sand the bottom of the plastic rings for custom fit if needed.