Mel Bay Article

What a sad ambient to work! :laughing7:
This is a good job, surely: Make a bunch of beautiful guitars!
Yep.  We made an LP, a tele and a Dinky J Bass as I recall - all gone now.  The dark pieces were wenge ,the light ones were makorie (I think).
I'm not sure who Mel Bay is , Nice article from him though.

Can I get  a tour too? I live in Portland area, can be to Puyalup in a couple hours.

And will you guys feel the impact of his article, through a bunch of orders.

Hey Alfang,
Mel Bay is a publisher for a LOT of guitar instruction books.  I still have mine from when I was learning, and I thought it was a very good system.

Mel Bay was a studio/jazz guitarist - - and back in the medieval days before the Internet or even video recorders  :eek: !!!!! if you wanted to learn to play guitar you at least had to buy the Mel Bay's Guitar Chords book....