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After Fender reintroduced the Lead series guitars I found myself really wanting to try one due to the smaller body size, but the descriptions I read indicated a too thin neck was used on them.  As luck would have it I found a loaded Lead II body with all hardware being sold on the bay by Strat-o-sphere, so I snatched it up.  I had swapped necks on an earlier Warmoth tele build, and had this vintage tint Warmoth maple neck just waiting for a body.  What I found was that the neck was not a drop in fit, as the angle coming off the body and the too small pocket had to be carefully adjusted.  (Hours of sanding with a small wooden sanding block set up to only cut on the vertical surface.)  Once straightened and the pocket enlarged the bolt holes lined up perfectly, and it went together with no other issues.  I'm not sure this wasn't a factory second due to the neck pocket angle, but it worked out fine.  Pickups are the factory Player series Strat units and they sound GREAT, especially on my Blues Cube Artist running both channels together.  Anybody wanting a Strat scale but with a smaller body size should check these things out, it's awesome!  :guitarplayer2:


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