Maybe not an vintage type strat,


but that's not what i wanted either.

Maybe not an vintage type strat, but that's not what i wanted either.

Some Spes :

Mahogany body with flame maple top.
Contoured heel
Rear routed
Recessed OFR

Birdseye maple neck with pau ferro fingerboard
Standard thin, ss6105 fret, gotoh tuners
Man, why would you not want that. That's one kickass looking strat....Very cool indeed... :icon_thumright:
Yes, the top is tiger eye dyed and the back is black gloss.
Both the body and neck is from showcase.
I had no problems puting it together, and when i finally got it tuned after the setup, i sold my jem brmr (mirror jem). :sign13:
As you can see i in the pictures the neck pickup is ruted for humbucker. I had never tried sustainer before so if i didnt like it i could easely put an humbucker in it. The fernandes sustainer is an singlecoil, so i shaved of the ears of it and clued it together with dimarzio crusier cover.

This one is an keeper, and everybody who has tried it is amazed by it.
Acustic it sound's clean, full, loud, and with alot of sustain. Pluged in to different amp's, it's the best sounding guitar i ever had.
With something like that, the only thing you have to worry about when playing on stage are the flying panties.

Absolutely gorgeous--I can easily believe it sounds as mean as it looks.