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I don't think there's anything you can do (short of putting a Padouk top on) to make those look like Padouk. If I were absolutely pressed, I might say that half of Warmoth's transparent sunset orange and half transparent red might do something close to fresh cut Padouk, barring the possibility that they end up looking like a gross brown when mixed. An aged unfinished Padouk would be much darker. Alder would be the better wood to try and fake it with, but again I will state that I don't think you can do it reasonably well.

Why do you want to match a Padouk color? If you plan on using a Padouk neck and want the body to match, I would bring 2 points to your attention:

1. You don't know how much orange vs. red will be in your neck until you get it.
2. Trying to match will most likely end in the worst result possible. I would suggest that you should rather try to complement the colors rather than match.

Unwound G

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Although I agree with callaway that Padouk cannot be duplicated with Ash or Alder, it is however possible to find a common shade by staining the wood.  Since Ash and Alder are lighter than Padouk in color, try mixing up staining pigments :,_tints,_and_stains/ColorTone_Concentrated_Liquid_Stain.html  and use a piece of scrap wood to compare the colors.  When you think you have got a close match, do a final test inside the pickup cavity or tremolo rout and compare the shades.  Remember also a clear finish will brighten up the stained wood slightly so make quite sure before you apply the first coat.


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Padouk wood is full of open grain patterns. If you dyed Alder or Ash, you would not have the grain pattern that completes the look...