Making Strat bridge pickup sound like a Tele...


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Actually, I'm intreguied by the red devil, but I haven't gotten to play one yet.

I have a Red devil neck...which reminds me I have a project to finish and then I can try it.

Single coil sized humbuckers can sound great and very convincing with a bit of overdrive, but fall well short compared to their full sized counterparts when playing clean.

Given that I actually have one and have found it to work very well clean or with gain individually or paired with a full size Pearly Gates I don't agree. They sound very good. YMMV.


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Harmonic Design Pickups makes a strat bridge called the STP which is supposed to be tele like. I have one but have not yet had a chance to install it.
There is also this vid on a particular David Allen set


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For the D. Allen pickups, I'm curious if there is anything on the product that mentions the country of manufacture. I remember there was a controversy about that 5 years ago, where that was called into question. It may not be terribly important if you like the sound, but personally I'd like to know before buying their product again.