making first gecko 5 string


:help:Hi there,i am a new member in the UK and would like a little bit of help.I am thinking about building my first bass guitarand after looking around at various options i have decided upon the gecko 5 string.What i would like to know is can i get the gecko body with just the socket for the neck routered out and nothing else done to it,i am going to use my LINE 6 705 BASS as a doner for all the electrics and dont want any front routering apart from the neck socket, can this be done,if so i am on my way to owning my first custom gecko 5 string bass, 
Sure, no problemo!  It would be a one way trip, which means the 10 day return period would not apply.  Look around the site for a screen name of MIDIRose.  He's done a Variax 705 conversion.