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Hi guys i was wondering if whats the difference would be from the various types of mahogany avaliable? durability,texture,hardness,and the exoticity? i guess on tonality would be kinda same from each type?  :icon_biggrin:

African mahogany
Honduras mahogany
Sapele mahogany
From experience, mahogany is one of those woods I find has a lot of inconsistencies even within the same species.
It's also an umbrella term for a variety species of wood. Factors such as climate, humidity, etc. all influence the ring formation within trees, and therefore density. Therefore I would imagine that there are differences based on the climate where each species of mahogany was harvested.

In terms of tone, I can tell you from acoustic instruments that it appears to produce a darker sound (I hate describing a sound with something visual b.t.w). I reserve my judgment for electrics, as it is my opinion that the body wood does not impact the sound as much as the neck, bridge and electronics.

For how exotic it is... a lot of instruments have been made using mahogany. However, it is now listed under CITES, therefore it may be exotic in the future.
But what i have heard and encountered ie jackson,charvel and other coy are using honduras mahogany wherelse some individual guitar maker trust in african mahogany but whats just the say behind them using thoese?
Honduran mahogany is listed under CITES. African is not to the best of my knowledge. Companies like Jackson most likely have a large amount of inventory they can use that predates the CITES. I read somewhere that Gibson is/or has phased out the use of Brazilian rosewood for their fretboards for the same reason. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I read the Gibson story online and therefore could be false).

In terms of using it, since it's illegal to harvest, having it is cool  :glasses10:
Honduran mahogany is what they used to make all the great Gibsons back in the day. I believe it's said to be lighter weight and much more resonant on average. I owned an original 66 melody maker for a while, and when it was in tune (rarely), it had an awesome, gorgeous tone. It was a single piece of very light mahogany. African mahogany is more commonly used now, and it's supposed to suck compared to the older stuff. I'm convinced this matters a ton for acoustics but not for electrics as much - more important is to get a good individual piece of wood (out of your control though) than worry about the country of origin.
Thanks alot guys for the information !! so rightfully a hounduras mahogany is the real deal then hehe
I don't know the difference in the various types of Mahogany you mention.  But I have two Mahogany bodied thinlines with completely different types of Mahogany.  One is the brown youd expect, the other is very light.  It was totally white before I slathered it in Tung oil

Late 2008 Warmoth Mahogany

Mid '90s MIJ Fender Mahogany
Nice pictures there !! thanks for your help here.. as i didnt know mahogany could fetch this distant in colour ;) i guess it just remain as apperance preference  :headbang: