Mahogany body with maple neck?


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The combination of a mahogany body (with maple cap) and a maple neck (with rosewood board) doesn't seem to be talked about much.
What are the reasons for this? On paper, the blend of a warm sounding mahogany body with a brighter sounding maple neck should make sense....

Because it's a standard on musical instruments since the 80's  ??? Not exactly when, as I'm "young"... but It's since Ibanez, Jackson and these guys came...

It's a very good match, the only reason people talk little here is because most of guys try to go forward and get into exotic woods...

But doesn't make much sense to me  :laughing7: I'm a Gibby man, my sense is mahogany/black korina body and all rosewood neck  :hello2:
I have two custom guitars with Mahogany body/maple neck.

Tele style; body mahogany+maple top with maple neck

Strat style; body mahogany with maple neck

Love the tone, great combo.

Lately I have been interested in Alder again, it just seems more musical.
The thinine tele that I'm waiting for is all mahogany body, maple/ebony neck. I'm thinking it's gonna be a killer combo. We'll see! I've seen some trash-talking about mahog/maple on this very board!
My 79 Les Paul Custom ( I bought new)  has that combo .. it is a sweet , but heavy axe.
I made a mahogany body/quilt maple top w/ maple/ebony(sorry not rosewood) strat.  It's got some mahogany darkness, but still retains the high end brightness due to the maple neck.

There's my video of me playing it a couple weeks ago.

Yeah, nothing wrong with that combo... lots of good strats and teles have that combo...

I find mahogany a little "mushy" so I like treating it to maple or a similar wood to add better clarity and some extra top-end.