warmoth lps wenge neck ebony fongerboard 25 1/2"   10-16  curviture    mahoganey body     planet waves  wilkinson    EMG SLVs in upper neck and middle position always together mostly out of phase    Fernandes sustainer magnet in lower neck position   Fernandes standard in bridge position    three way strat style switch functions with both EMGs in upper position  Everything in middle  Fernandes in downward position   Two volumes (closest one is high impedance/passive    middle pot is low impedance/active)  EMG Strat Pressence Control is lowest pot for overdriving the SLVs
Roller nut with string straight to tuning pegs     black hardware with silver tuners
Very nice! I love the looks of a dark exotic neck on a white body!

the jack is very different!!

Did you have to extend the tremspring cover for the sustainer? looks cool either way!
Hole in spring cover is larger because bridge is recessed into body so far. Neck is also very close to the body. pickups don't need to be raised very far. Tremolo block is flush with back of guitar. 

    The nut has six individual spools for each string and works with a 13 degree tilt neck. Not LSR. Out of Germany. Also a small gap between nut and fingerboard to insure spools move freely.
The back is routed out to allow for a neck extension. The neck bolts to a piece of Punga-Punga that slides in and is screwed down between the pickups. From the back the pickups are adjustable on either side of the neck extension. The tremolo springs go into the neck extension.
Idea from a Yamaha aes-fg.
Way cool guitar! +1 on some pictures of the innards, I don't think I could follow that either   :tard:
Very cool and extremely unique build.    The switches, sustainer, even the side jack like that.  It a very focused design.

I'm just curious what extactly you were aiming for this build, or if there was anything you were trying to acomplish sound wise?    It's not your typical hot rodded super strat, or fancy wood build that most of us around here put together.  Was there another type of guitar, or a previous guitar you'd owned or played you were basing it off of?
Its was inspired, look wise, by the Yamaha Frank Gambale model. Mainly no pick-up rings or visual mounting hardware. Soundwise, I've always liked a neck and middle single coils together - out of phase. The EMG's are so fake, so overprocessed they create a wonderful clean lead and chording sound. Overdrive (EMG Strat Presnece Control) and still out of phase for distorted chording. The fernandes sustainer is perfect for distorted lead or instant infinite feed back. The passive humbucker breathes, is very real sounding, and the indivdual magnet poles give a crisp attack for lead playing. Control wise I wanted to go from the two EMG's to the one bridge humbucker simply and quickly. This is done with the strat three way switch. Angelic cleans and the wildest rock sounds.
Man, I really dig this guitar! Awesome build! I bet those pickups sound awesome! What are you playing through?
Just a Line 6 spider 3. I only play at church -  probably not what you think of when I say church. Picture Jesus having a beer with a Pornstar and saying, "My Father planeted a vineyard and looks for fruit in it. The fruit He looks for is love, joy and peace that only people can produce." The real Jesus didn't have much to do with religious people.

I played with a friend who has Tom Anderson Cobras, g-force, bogner etc. and his comment was "I've always liked the sound of those EMG's."
I think the "out-of-phase" has much to do with it. Angelic cleans and kind of a scary demonic ovrdrive when you crank the mids (EMG SPC) and leave it out of phase. But if you've got the money, the Cobra, g-force, bogner combo sounded really good!
Dude, that is so my type of "Church"!! Right on man! Rock for the Son! What bands do you listen to? Spider 3's are awesome btw.
Isaiah 40:28-31
POD, Dave Matthews, Aaron Copeland, Hillsong, U2. 

http://gcbible.com/sermons.htm  -  You will like Titus. Mark was amazing.
awesome bro, I've been needing to listen to some sermons, I'll check 'em out. So what's up with those out of phase emg's? that sounds killer...