LPS flat top


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Check out my new guitar.  What do you guys think?
My thanks and respects go to all the Warmoth staff for their workmanship!  I have worked at Warmoth for over 6 years in sales and administration and our great staff really surpassed my expectations with this jewel!
My Fender type guitars needed some Gibson-like company so I decided to update a raging version of Les Paul flattops of the fifties and sixties.  I really loved Leslie West's LP Jr., Duayne Allman's LP/SG, Pete Townsend's LP/SG, and Billy Jo Armstrong's LP Jr. so I decided to go with an LP Special.  That basic slab body style really appealled to me.  It speaks to me of raw early technology that is still cutting edge.
I wanted to balance the warm and articulate Black Korina body (red transparent finish) and 24 3/4" scale X 24 fret Indian Rosewood neck with the bright sounding Macassar Ebony fretboard and some slightly overwound Jackson pickups I scavaged from a mid-80's Jackson I used to have.  I really am pleased with the result.  I can get a great 'woman/brown' tone and a pretty fair raging treble. 
The controls are vol/vol/tone/toggle.
The scale is very comfortable and the higher fret access is great.  I got the tummy cut, forearm contour and contoured heel.  The body feels smallish but fits me just right.  This particular piece of Black Korina is fairly heavy and sustains/resonates great.  I can get great pinch harmonics and raging feedback when I need it.
The neck is a boat back, 1 3/4" nutwidth.
Overall I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  It covers all the bases I need it to.

-Bob R.-

Recognize the streaking on that Rosewood neck, YOU'RE the one that beat me to it. Bastard!  Great job on the Special; sound clips? You should post it to Gallery as well with a back view
really cool guitar! I think I want a Rosewood neck....

Does anyone but me remember those Kramer/Spector Guitars (LP/LPS) that were floating around in the late 80's. Sorta the same idea san's Floyd Rose.  Always liked the looks of those guitars.