LP Pickup Rings - Metal - Arch top


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I'm having trouble finding metal LP pickup rings that have the right curvature for my Warmoth LP Arch top. I bought the nikel ones from StewMac, but the arch in the middle is too high.  Some folks I think have gotten by with the flat pickup rings...any suggestions.

My next guess would be to file down the edges, but I don't want to mess up the finish on them either.
I had the same problem on my arch-top Les Paul.  I sort of wanted to use chrome pickup rings.  So, I ordered a set of the black plastic ones that do work on an archtop, thinking I could mount the chrome ones over the top.  That didn't work so well, so I just used the black ones.  I like the looks of it better anyway with the aluminum pickguard I used.  There is such a thing as too much chrome!  The black rings with black open coils look really cool against the aluminum pickguard.  Also used polished chrome Sperzel tunes, chrome metal Warmoth logo, and topped off the look of the headstock with a custom-inlayed truss rod cover of black ebony with my initials in red abalone with red abalone outer trim.  Also have the Q-Parts chrome knobs.  Anyway, there's enough chrome on this beast.

The flat metal ones warmoth sell bend to the curve of the top. There's another post about this same question somewhere.
Yeah; drill your holes for the metal mounting rings and they will bend to fit carved top when screwed down.