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At tfarny's tongue-in-cheek suggestion here's the unofficialwarmoth.com LP of the month contest!  Design an LP-style guitar, post a picture here (one entry per person) and we'll vote for our favorite at the end of the month!

Frank Montag's LP simulator http://www.frankmontag.com/custom_lp_style_guitar.htm
Kisekae http://www.nymphusa.com/kisekae/kisekaeE1.asp
Of course you can also use Photoshop/GIMP or just draw your own if you're the artistic type.  :icon_thumright:
Well, only for each??
Old Kisekae... The things that it doesn't do, I did at paintbrush... as always...
Les Paul Jr meets Custom


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Well if they made more metal guitars like this one, I'd look into changing genres...  :icon_thumright:


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you cought, me, and you win a prize for seaing thru my polt to mispel pual.
you won the right to send me a dollar
:doh: :doh: :doh:

Anyway here's mine.


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You all should just send me the prize now.  I dare someone to say that their LP is better than mine!  :icon_tongue: :icon_tongue: :icon_tongue:

Well! As it is just one for person, I would no say... But if I could show the others that I've done... well, yours wouldn't pass from the lunch  :icon_jokercolor:
I'll just repost this since I already made the most awesome virtual guitar ever known to a discussion board. "Extra-Custom".


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I just realized... everyone will vote for their own so we'll never get a winner :(

Oh well, still fun!
tfarny said:
I'll just repost this since I already made the most awesome virtual guitar ever known to a discussion board. "Extra-Custom".

I like this one tfarny, but I'd feel like I needed a tux to play it  :laughing7:
DB, we can vote at the end and people can't vote for their own.

Xplorer, you would need at least a tux to play this, if it existed. Otherwise you void the warranty.  It would also cost about $6000 from Gibson so you'd better get a nice tux, and a haircut, to keep up with yer axe! :eek:ccasion14:
I never thought I'd say this but, I want a purple guitar now. Those 2 make my pee-pee feel funny. :laughing11: I'll update later with a design of my own.