loss of tone control


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Kind of an odd ball question, I installed a treble bleed circuit on my HH players Jaguar's Volume pot and it works great but since then the tone knob won't affect the tone until it's almost turned all the way off. Is this because the highs are diverted past the pots or is it due to the unusual way the wheeled pots control the power to the pickups? Any fix suggestions?
This should be in wiring and electronics or general discussion as no tips or tricks are being provided.

To your question - do you have a diagram of the wiring you have done or any pics?
Thanks for the reply, I'll look There instead. I don't have any digrams or pics and I need to find somewhere to educate myself as I' m not sure I could even ask competent questions. Thanks again
Search for guitar electronics on the web, there are lots of sources with good schematics that are easy to follow.  A treble bleed is designed to keep more treble in the circuit though.  :headbang: