Locating position for wraparound bridges & the like..



I have the Twin post Gotoh 510 from Warmoth and was wondering about an efficient & accurate way of locating the post holes.

I realise ther's more compensation available than a Tune O Matic, but I would like to be accurate.

With hardtails Martion Koch describes his method very clearly, & with Tune O matics you can instal the Stop tail piece string up & adjust to perfection..but I'm wondering whether such a method will work on the Gotoh 510. It's not strictly a wraparond, but you can't see the  post positions because they're enclosed.

Any tips 'n tricks on this one?


where did you get the body, cuz if you got it from warmoth they will do it for you.  other than that, i don't know,  measure the scale length from the nut, make a line, and try to find a template.
You can get a detailed diagram of just about any bridge Warmoth sells straight from the website. You can make a template to scale using that, and using the Koch formula to locate the tunomatic should give you the right position to locate the 510. onya sport!!  Willy