line 6 Spider Valve head



Anybody have a Spider Valve? I've been looking at the head version, but haven't had a chance to play one yet. I'm wary of the digital and solid-state stuff, I prefer all-tube. I play Hard rock/ metal/ rock/ anything heavy
Go to Guitar Center, they have all of those amps and they will be overjoyed to let you try them.  If you got it, where would you be playing this?  Apartment?  Garage?  Gigs?  What kind of cab do you use?
I'd be playing it at gigs through an old marshall 1960 4x12 with celestion GT12's in it, that's why I was looking at the head version
the line 6 spider series has awesome clean tones... thats all I'll really give it credit for.  Our drummer uses a spider 2 combo, but the speaker is totally shredded in the thing.

I didn't know they had tube versions.
The spider valve is the amp they made in collaboration with Bogner. It's got the Line6 effects and emulation, but with tubes. I've read mixed things about it.
I love this amp... I play it every chance I get... the only reason I haven't bought it was cause I don't want to pay for yearly tube maintenance. I like to find analog amps with tube-like tones.