Lindy Fralin, email?


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I'm not in the US myself, got some questions wanna ask them.  Do they have an email address?  Seems not  :icon_scratch:
Unless I am missing something, it seems that Fralin uses a pure paper ordering system. I am sure some one w/ Fralins can give you a more informed answer.
The only email I know of is, but it's pretty much just about the company and how to order. I have a couple friends that ordered from them and they just ended up calling and talking directly to him. Kind of nice to be able to do that still, but email would be easier.
No, unfortunately they don't have email, you have to call and talk to them directly.
They are really, really fantastic to call to,  but I understand your frustration.
Maybe you have a bunch of questions you can post here, then somebody can call for you and ask? I believe I have free calls to the states (I will have to double check), so if you wanted I could do this.
Oooh thanks mate, that's so kind of you

But I would love to speak to them in person if phone call is the only way, thank you anyway  :icon_thumright:
drop an e-mail to

Brian is a great guy to work with, a bass luthier himself, and has a great working relationship with Fralin. I'm sure Brian can get most of your questions answered up front, and for anything else he'd be able to check things and get back

all the best,