Liberon Tung Oil - Anyone tried this brand?

Chris of Arabia

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Just curious as to whether anyone has tried this brand - Liberon Tung Oil. Given that it seems to be the easiest brand to find in the UK, I'm wondering whether anyone has any experience with it and how it might compare with what's available in the US.
Haven't tried that brand, but the fact that it says it is Pure Tung Oil, and in the copy there they say it has no added dryers, leads me to believe that would be very well suited to our purposes as guitar finishers.  Of course, I would wait for the real experts.....
Just put a couple of coats of this brand on my Canary neck, first time using it so nothing really to campare it to but it seemes to be working out fine.
It's lovely stuff and just about the only PTO I could find in the UK. Check out my tele done in Liberon Tung oil:

It feels great. Liberon comes highly recomended from me.

Where you from in the UK by the way? I'm from Preston. 
Like the color, am doing my 1st solid body - picked up a jap knock off strat  with a dinged up body, awesome neck, decent pups- started to refin the body, but realized , after disassembly, that the weight that I wanted wasn't there- went to amish country here in Ohio ( tuscarawas and Holmes counties) to a lumber shop ( keim lumber , Charm Ohio)  and picked up an 8/4 x 41"  flame maple  blank , was kiln dried, rough planed ( had glue knicks in the planer kifes) - had to straight line it on the table saw, just had to center glue  - rough sanded it , just finished cutting out the body shape on the bandsaw - killer flame, should have sustain for DAYS !!! ( body is SOLID flame maple- will have LP weight when done) - Ran a  wood shop for 8 yrs,  played guitar since I was 13 - just  never connected the dots  between the two !!!- Btw , the body is a strat  shape, no contour ( think of SRV'S hamiltone body shape !!!!!! ) was going to get some binding from Stew Mac, but, just rough sanding with the DA on the face and outside  edge contours , I kinda like the simple  plain edge- Plenty flame showing  around the edges !!!! Like the color of the tung oil on the tele thinline , probably will get a tortise shell pickguard , some better pups !!!