Length of an LP with a 25.5" Scale Neck

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Does anyone here have an LP with a 25.5" scale LP neck that they might be able to measure the length on for me?  Mine doesn't arrive for a bit and I'm trying to figure out if a case I have will work length wise.
I have the LP with 25.5" scale but I won't be able to get at it until the weekend.  It fits easily in the SKB Les Paul hard case so if that just happens to be what you're wondering...

But I'll try to remember to check it this weekend.
Thanks.  It's not a SKB case, but it is supposed to fit Les Pauls so I'd imagine it probably will.
I've got a 25.5" scale Warmoth Les Paul also.  It fits nicely in the SKB case.
Just be mindful of where you put your strap hooks.

I don't know about all Les Paul cases but mine only has a small cutout for clearance of the strap hook.  If I had gone and installed my hook without noticing this, chances are it wouldn't have lined up with the cutout and wouldn't have fit into the case.  I had to lay the guitar in the case, mark where the hook would clear, and drill my hole based on that.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted when I get to my guitar this weekend.
I have the Warmoth peghead and it comes to about 39.25" not counting the strap hook.

So that's the LP body, 25.5" scale, and Warmoth peghead = 39.25"