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Best working setup I've had...

Wireless guitar and in-ears so no stage leashes....

Clean on on the back end to plug in and set up...

Only two things on the floor...powered through the control cable no less...

And, comes with its own light show...   :laughing7:

1) Does the Shure earphone thingabob give you a PA board signal with the band mixed in, or just your guitar? And is there a limiter or compressor in there, so you don't pop your brain with a transient peak?

2) Can you still dangle a coily cord from your guitar, just for show? :glasses9:
Thanks TonyFlyingSquirrel.

1) You can feed the in-ears anything you want. I come off of a full monitor board so I can put anything or nothing in the mix. I mostly have my vocals and guitar in there with kick and snare added for good meter. Interesting enough, that enables you to also stay in step with the band when you are a long way from stage. Just a wireless guitar set up alone creates a playing lag time when you're out screwing around with the crowd during a show. In-ears fixes that.

2) What looks showy about a dangled cord? Maybe one of those curly ones my Dad used to use? Kind of a retro thing? .....uh....nah....  I haven't played with a cord since the 80s.
I have it dialed in for old School Marshall with a bit more umph in the low end for the most part since that is where I live. But really, between the JMP-1 and the Digitech, I can make it sound like practically anything; Recto to Fender to Vox and even a killer acoustic sound using the Digitech and the LR Baggs piezo bridge on the LP on the right. That acoustic thing is a trick to sound convincing through a 412 cab but I got it nailed I'm excited to say.

If I get a chance to work on some clips I'll post them. Wished I would have had this set up in the old days!  :party07:
Vegababy said:
How do you like the SP4x4 ? Does it get rid of unwanted hum/noise ?
The JMP-1 hums just a tiny bit but I use the Digitech's gate to be dead silent when not playing. I built the rack with the SPX4x4 in there so I've not been without it to see if it is helping much or not. That is one cool conditioner though. Lots of features including the gooseneck light in the back that lights up the guts inside. That would come in handy if something goes wrong at a gig. Always on 110v plug on the front for plugging in my battery charger for my wireless packs. Geez, toys are fun  :icon_thumright:
It's just accumulation over time. The key is to never sell anything. Stand in line for free cheese before you start listing your stuff on ebay. Also, if you are a working musician you can justify just about any purchase for the tax write off!  :cool01:
Yup, filing that Schedule C got me loads of my money back when I was gigging.  I saved everything, gas receipts, CD's, bridge toll, everything I ever bought from a music store, clothes that I only wore on stage, recording costs, production costs, ads, band rehearsal space rent, etc...  Believe me, it all adds up, & if you buy anything significant over the year like a new guitar, synth, or recording setup, it adds up even more.

When I was gigging, I'd spent 4-5k a year on this kind of stuff, & since I was also raising my son by myself & filing "head of household" I'd end up getting back about 2500.00 each year. :hello2:
as a person who hasn't had to file taxes--see the "age of unofficial warmoth post" i can guess that getting back $2500 per year is really swell!
Damn, man, I've got to get a gig before the year ends.  I've dropped more than 2 g's on guitar stuff and it's only February!!
I'd eventually like to get another 4x12, but one of these.
load it with v30's & I'm happy.
I have a fetish for the look of tweed with blonde grill cloth.