L5s in the works....any advice?


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Hello all!

I've just become a member so please excuse any often asked questions...I did several searches before posting I promise! Anyway, I'm in talks with Spike about building a L5s and its going great. He's editing my mistakes as I make them. He is clearly knowledgeable and his communication skills are top notch. But, I thought it couldn't hurt to post something in the off chance someone else out there might have built a L5s and discovered things I might not catch along the way -  maybe some design things to take into consideration that native to the L5s or interesting build techniques that will add extra quality in both sound and playability.......stuff like that?




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I just finished my first L5S a while back;  here's a link to finished axe with some notes:


Ordering the body is all pretty straight forward, really:

1.) Obviously, although there is another option, you want the hollow body version
2.) Mine has the single f-hole, would have preferred 2, but the holes are cut prior to the top being glued to the body, so they can't be added to a Showcase body; not an issue in this case.
3.) Biggest consideration is the wood(s) you are going to choose for the body, as it's hollow, this has a much greater impact on tonality of the guitar than with other body designs. I'm completely blown away with my korina L5S, have always kept a hollow body in my guitar collection - usually an ES-335 of some flavor - but cannot get over some great the tone of hollow korina is. My only Warmoth hollow body is an all mahogany Thinline, I used to like that one "best of all", but now I'm stuck on this one.
4.) I personally wouldn't ever put a tremolo bridge on the L5S body design, but whatever floats your boat...

What kind of sound are you looking for, what kind of music do you play, etc.?


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Just to add... I'm the "other side of force"
I don't like hollow for rock sounds... if you're not going to play something trying to get a LP + Marshall tone, probably you're looking for a Hollow...

I would say: get a thick neck ( Fatback or '59 Roundback or Boatback) for more beefy tone!

And tell us the kind of music you're going to play will help beyond you can understand