KorinaCaster Plus


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I found a vintage set of Fender Lace Sensors out of one of the original '87 American Stratocaster Plus DX and decided to build an axe around them


Wired them up per vintage specs with CTS 250K pots & .049 orange drop cap.

Body is solid Black Korina with Wilkinson bridge and all gold hardware, pickguard/tremelo covers are custom cut maple wood stained ebony, finish is eight coats of Tung Oil.


Neck is Warmoth Pro 10/16 with wild figure, hard to tell from pic, but it's flame bordering on quilt with some light birdseye scattered in, nice chocolatey Rosewood fretboard, 6105 frets, Gotoh Kluson tuners, and a Corian bridge; the neck already had the nut installed in the Showcase, fixing to turn it in and get a Fender LSR nut installed to complete the Plus DX vibe (Homey knows better and pays someone else to route for LSR nuts.....)


Hard to get the grain/ebony finish to render well on this POS digital camera; the pickups aren't washed out, whoever had them last strummed like a mofo and almost all the silver paint on the "Fender Lace Sensor" stamping has been worn off. This is my first Korina body, so hard to tell if the maple pickguard colors the sound or not


'87 vintage Lace Sensor pickups + Plus DX vibe + Korina body = Tone Monster
Black korina looks very nice always!  :icon_biggrin:
You have a bunch of nice guitars, man!
I just think the pickguard is a little weird, but... :dontknow:
What is that Plus DX :help:?
Plus DX was a model of Fender Stratocaster that they made from '87 till '97; came with a two point bridge, Fender LSR nut, Fender Lace Sensor pickups and Alder bodies with usually 22 Fret Rosewood on maple necks
Hey Jack, Or shall I call you Mr. Hack?

Very Nice, every Black Korina I see looks awesome, Yours is no exception,I gotta get one.