Kill switch?


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I'd like to install one of these kill switches (as seen here) . They mention that they cause a popping sound when used on clean, is that par for the course? Do all kill switches do that on clean?
That switch looks just like one I bought for my doorbell. has many to choose from, and they're nowhere near that price! They have them with and without LED ring lighting. I can't imagine why you'd need the ring lighting on a guitar. It's nice for a doorbell though.

You can probably eliminate or greatly reduce the pop with a small value capacitor across the switch contacts.
For an audio signal it may be more complicated than a single capacitor. If you're using the switch to ground the pickup signal, you may not have a problem. If you do, you can try using the switch like this:

Did you ever get one installed? That one you posted is latching…I would think you’d want momentary.
Sadly I have salvaged the neck from that guitar for use on another guitar. I should post build threads on these.
Just use one of the $10 import LP toggles. No guarantees about when its on and when its off but it'll definitely do the kill switch thing.
When I was planning my Coffee build (one pickup), I was at one stage thinking of getting a 5-way super switch and have one position as a ”blower switch. Fortunately I didn’t get that switch, as already the 3-way super switch requires a maximum amount of space in the cavity. I would expect a proper switch made for a guitar (whatever you’d choose) be quiet and not pop.