Kahler trem+floyd nut?


I remember somebody on this forum saying that the Kahler locking nuts aren't very good. Would there be any problem with using a Kahler bridge, put putting a Floyd nut on the neck?
The guys over at the jackson/charvel forum have said the sometimes the strings still bind in the nut since the locking portion is behind the actual guitar nut. New guitars with Kahler trems use floyd nuts because of that. I'd just go with the floyd nut unless you want to search out the Kahler one. Here's a good site for Kahler parts: www.Kahlerparts.com
I have a MIJ "ultimate" strat. It has the same kind of config with the locking thing....slotted nut with locking unit behind it. i get tuning problems with this as well. the bridge itself is a two point floating kind with fine tuners but the strings load in on the back (they dont clamp down and have rollers). I think Marko has a strat with a bridge close to this kind. Ive thought about replacing the neck so i can use a graphite nut and PW tuners in hopes that this would fix my tuning problems.

The problem most likely is the single locking trem. The strings aren't returning to pitch accurately since they're only locked down on the neck. I'd imagine the same problem would occur with the graphite nut on the new neck.