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So I tried to get Guitar World to end my subscription (it really is a lousy rag) but even after they refunded me my money, they keep sending the magazine???  So anyway, my point is that I just got one in the mail and there is actually a cool article where they are talking to Dweezil Zappa about his series of "Zappa plays Zappa" performances, and the fact that Dweezil has access to much of his old man's rare gear.  The article is cool, but there is a sidebar talking about how he is playing mostly Eric Johnson Strats on the tour, and there is this quote:  "On the Zappa plays Zappa DVD, Dweezil can be seen playing an Eric Johnson Strat retrofitted with a lefty Warmoth neck".  Not exactly a Warmoth siting, but close!


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Cool! Dweezil is an amazing guitarist now. Saw ZPZ back in august and I was blown away. Amazing show. Highly recommended if you get the chance.